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  • Connell Pool & Rink

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    COVID-19 policies and procedures:
    • The number of people allowed to skate during an Open Skate time is 25.
    • There will be no ice skate rentals for the time being.
    • No Hockey playing during Open Skate
    • We have arrows in the facility for you to follow - Please follow them.
    • Social Distancing is a must in the building and on the ice.
    • Face coverings are REQUIRED while in the building.
    • Face coverings are recommended to be worn while on the ice.
    • Please keep your time in the building while not skating to an absolute minimum.
    • The number of people that can be in the pool at once during lap swim is 14.
    • The number of people in a lane. MAX 2
    • Use of the shower rooms should be limited and people are encouraged to move quickly through them.
    • Face coverings are REQUIRED while in the building and on the pool deck. (not in the pool itself)
    • We have arrows for you to follow - Please follow them.
    • Social Distancing is a must in the building and in the water.
    BEFORE you come swimming or skating, please call the Connell Front Desk and reserve your time on the ice or your lane in the pool.  781-335-2090.  Non Annual Pass Holder Fee is $5.00 per person per visit.
    All Annual Pass holders expiration dates have been extended by 16 weeks.
    DAILY PASSES -  Please call before you arrive to the pool/rink and make your reservation.  Payment can be made at the facility via cash or credit card.

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Recreation Director: Stephen Reilly
Office Hours:  Mondays-Fridays, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
1393 Pleasant St., E. Weymouth, MA 02189
Phone: (781) 682-6124